Monday, February 27, 2012

Basic Dress for Barbie

Here's a basic dress pattern for you.  Just think of all the different dresses you can make with this one!

You will need-fabric remnants, thread, fastener of your choice, trim (optional), pattern.

Pattern link: barbie dress pattern
Basic Instructions:
Cut 1 on fold of top front, 2 of top back, 2 of sleeve (if using sleeve), 1 on fold of facing (if using facing), 1 on fold of skirt.
Always sew with right sides together and 1/4" seams unless indicated otherwise.

Sew shoulder seams. Press open.
Finish neckline.  If using facing, sew on, clip curves, turn, press, and topstitch.  If hemming neckline, clip curves (but not too deep!) and hem.
Finish armholes with hem.  Or if using a sleeve, hem sleeve bottom.  Sew gathering stitch in sleeve cap, gather sleeve to fit armhole, and sew.  Remove gathering strings.
Sew side seams.
Hem lower edge of skirt.  Sew gathering stitch in upper edge of skirt. (I recommend two rows, one a scant 1/4" from top and one 1/2" from top.)  Gather skirt to fit lower edge of top.
Sew top to skirt.  Remove gathering threads.  Turn seam up toward bodice and topstitch in place.
Sew center back seam to large dot.  Hem upper back edges.
Attach fastener of your choice.

Here is one made with sleeves.

A close up to show topstitching.  Sort of.

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