Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun Summer Sleepwear

I have had it up to here with the scraps!  Ironically, that's how high the scraps are still piled.  I decided it was time for a different project and with the coming of warm weather, I decided to try making some summer sleepwear.

Someone was cleaning out their sewing supplies and gave me this pattern. Someone else was cleaning out their supplies and gave me this fabric.  Someone else was cleaning out their supplies and gave me this lace....is anyone noticing a trend here?
I decided to make the short version.   I want to make it once and see how it fits, because I think with a few adjustments, I could also use it to make a cute summer blouse.  We'll try that out sometime later.
First, cut everything out.  Do you see that layout diagram that came with your pattern?  With some careful planning, you can probably completely disregard it and lay out the pattern to use less fabric.  My pattern called for 1 7/8 yards but I was able to cut it from 1 2/3 yards.
It's important to get your pattern properly lined up on the grainline of the fabric.  To do this, measure from each end of the grainline line on the pattern to the edge of the selvage.  The two measurements should be the same.  Like so.
I decided that I wanted the lining of my bottoms to be knit.  So I dug around in my scraps *sigh*, and found something that would work.
Don't forget to transfer the pattern markings to the fabric!
Now let's sew.  Since your pattern will probably be different than mine, I'm not going to walk you through the whole thing step by step, but show you some things that I did differently than the original pattern.

 I started with the bottoms.  I think the first steps were the hardest, which was sewing the bottom of the bottoms.  (That's a lot of bottoms.)
Done!  The next thing I did was run into a problem.  When I tried to turn up the casing for the leg, the fabric just didn't have enough give in it.  See what I mean?
So, I trimmed it and sewed a 1/4" hem.  Then I cut lace elastic to length and sewed it to the outside, stretching slightly as I sewed.
Much cuter anyway!  All done with the bottoms.
Now on to the top!  The pattern called for the sleeve ruffle to be cut from lace eyelet fabric.  But I didn't have any.  Just lots of eyelet lace.  So I improvised.  I laid the lace on to the top to simulate the curve of the ruffle and pinned it into place.  I had a picture of this but it seems that my computer ate it.  Here is a picture of it after I sewed it and before I trimmed it.
And a picture from the right side.
The next thing I did differently was to topstitch around the neckline in place of understitching and along the sleeve openings in place of blindstitching.  It's much easier and I like the look of topstitching.
I also topstiched the lower edge of the bodice in place of blindstitching.
And here it is.  All done and ready for sweet dreams.

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