Monday, May 7, 2012

Black and White Floral Skirt

I super love this skirt!  And even better, it was incredibly easy to make.  The whole project, from drawing out the pattern to finish only took me a couple of hours.

(To all my crochet friends, I had intended to finish the new summery scarf I am working on and post that today, but this skirt just sort of happened.  I promise, the scarf is almost done and will be appearing soon!)

Back to the skirt.  How about a few pictures of  how this skirt began.

 I found this skirt at the thrift store and while I love it for itself, I thought it would also be super easy to copy and make more skirts.  I could have just laid the skirt on my fabric and cut around but I decided I wanted to go ahead and make a paper pattern.  (Side note, I save packing paper, flatten it out, and use it to make patterns.  Had to tape a few pieces together here to get the right shape but its less messy to work with than newspaper.)

After drawing around the skirt, I added 5/8" to every side for the seam allowance.  Actually, I also added an extra inch to the bottom, I decided that I liked it slightly longer.  For the straight sides, it's pretty easy to add the extra, just lay your see through ruler on the line at the correct mark and draw.  For the curved sides, my method is to measure out from the curve at numerous points and make a dot.  Then, just connect the dots and you have your new line.

Next, I cut the pattern out and folded it in half.  Then I trimmed it so that both sides matched.  Unfold and pattern done!

I bought this beautiful scarf/shawl at a discount store for $1.  I loved the fabric and knew that it would be perfect for a skirt.

Fold fabric in half, place pattern, and cut it out. 

Next I decided that it would be better if  I lined the skirt.  My first choice for lining would have been black but white is what I had on hand so white it is.

And here is what you will need to make this skirt.  Two pieces (1 front and 1 back) of skirt fabric, two pieces of lining fabric, one 7" zipper, twill tape (optional, I ended up not using it), and thread.

I also saved the care label from the scarf to sew into the skirt side seam, which of course I forgot to do until I was done, so I sewed it onto the side seam of the lining.

To mark where the side seam should stop for the zipper, lay the zipper on the skirt and pin the skirt at the point where the zipper teeth stop.  Do this on both the skirt and the lining.  

Now sew up all the side seams, using 5/8" seams.

Next, press all the side seams.  At the zipper openings, continue to press 5/8" up each side to the top.

On the skirt, sew in the zipper.  (I am by no means an expert on zippers, so that is all I am going to say here.  If your zipper came in a package, refer to it for the proper method on how to install a zipper.)

And now it's time to sew the skirt and lining together.  Turn the lining inside out and the skirt right side out, and place the skirt inside of the lining,  In other words, the skirt and lining will be right sides together.  Pin, being sure to open out the pressed edges of the lining.  Stitch together with a 5/8" seam.

Here I debated a little about what I wanted to do.  I decided instead of trimming the waist seam and adding the twill tape (for stability), I would leave the seam allowance, skip the tape, and clip the curves.

Turn everything right side out and press the waist seam.

Then, top stitch about 1/4" from top edge.

 Now for the part that I dislike the most.  Turn under lining along the zipper and hand stitch in place.  We are almost done!

 I'm doing a simple rolled hem.  For the skirt, 1/4" and for the lining slightly wider (just to make sure the lining doesn't peek out from under the skirt).  To make a rolled hem, simply turn up, and then turn up again.  You could press it all in place before you start stitching it, my fabric was pretty easy to work with so I just turned it up as I stitched.

Press the hem smooth and you are done!

Since this skirt only cost me about $3 to make, I decided to go one step further and see what kind of inexpensive outfit I could pull together from items in my closet.
Hmmm, how about this cute shirt I found at Target for $3?

 And these black and white flipflops I found on clearance at Dollar General, also for $3.  And staying with the black and white theme, this bracelet that I made many moons ago.

 So, for around $10, I've got a cute summer outfit!  What do all of  you think?

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