Monday, February 20, 2012

Barbie tunic and leggings

I love making doll clothes (yes, I'm still playing with dolls) but as I searched around the internet, I quickly realized that there just aren't that many barbie patterns available. And the ones that are there just didn't excite me that much.  Also, the patterns that I have purchased usually contain a lot or repeated styles-not really worth the money if you aren't getting much anything new.  So, one day I decided to see if I could design my own patterns and-I could!  And now I want to share them with you.

Fabrics for this pattern are lightweight knit for the leggings and knit or other for the top.  Get creative with where you get your fabrics from.  You don't need to spend a lot of money.  For the top I recycled a pair of worn out men's socks and for the leggings I used one of those stretchy fabric book covers.  (My local Goodwill stores keep having a lot of these priced for 50 cents and under.)  Remember when you are using knits to cut so that the knit stretches around the body.

*To finish edges on knit doll clothes, I find it makes a neater edge to trim as needed and then topstitch as opposed to trying to actually hem it.

You will need fabric remnants, thread, fastener of your choice, pattern, and 4" of 1/4" elastic.

Here is the pattern.   barbie tunic and leggings

Cut 1 of the tunic top on fold for front.  Cut 2 of the tunic top for back.  Cut 2 of the legging on fold. (It says 1 on the pattern-disregard that.)
Pattern uses 1/4" inch seams unless otherwise stated. Always sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Assemble tunic.  Stitch shoulder seams.  Finish off neck, back, and sleeve edges.  Stitch side seams.  Finish off  lower edge.  Attach fastener of your choice to back, lapping left side over right side.  (I like to use a self adhesive velcro for doll clothes.)

Assemble leggings.  Stitch one side of upper area.  Create a casing by folding over top 1/2" and stitching 1/4" from top edge.  Insert elastic into casing and fasten.  Finish off lower edge of legs.  Stitch opposite side of upper area.  Stitch inner leg seam.

Turn everything right side out and dress your doll in her new outfit.