Thursday, February 21, 2013

Coming up Roses Pillow

 I found this lovely doily at a flea market and couldn't resist.  Especially since it only set me back a dollar.  When I picked it up it said, "I want to be a pillow."  I said "okay."  (In other news I also got that adorable chair at an auction for a dollar.  Can't wait until I have time to refinish it.  Future post maybe?)
 I wanted to contrast it onto a more rugged fabric and luckily enough I had this burlap style fabric in my stash.  I lined it with a matching solid fabric so the stuffing wouldn't escape.  Burlap is kinda holey.   Then I just hand sewed the doily on wherever I felt like it needed to be stitched down.  I think I may have gone a little overboard but better safe than sorry.  I went around all the leaves and flowers, the very center, and a few laps around the middle.  I also changed my thread to match what I was sewing down to help hide my stitching.
 Construction was pretty basic.  Sewed the two sides right side together, leaving an opening to turn.  Trimmed corners, turned right side out, stuffed, and then to close opening plus add a finish detail I just top stitched all around the outside.

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