Monday, July 15, 2013

Oh So Warm Crocheted Blanket

Sometimes necessity truly is the mother of invention.  And such was the case with this blanket.  I had enough of the green yarn to make it a fairly decent size but considering the thickness of this blanket I wanted it to be a bit larger than what I had the yarn for.  And so I experimented with adding a border in a totally different weight of yarn worked!  As a side note I don't recommend trying this one until winter-boy did I get hot with all that blanket in my lap while I worked on it!
In other news this is my first crocheted blanket ever.  Yay me, lol.

The yarn I used was (8) 6 oz./170g skeins of super bulky Red Heart Grande in dk thyme and approx. 5 oz. of  Caron One Pound in lace.

Hook used was N/9.00mm.

Part One:  the 45" by 52" piece in green
chain 133.
Work the pattern found at this link-  v/shell stitch afghan
Repeat rows until piece measures 45".  Finish off.

Part Two: the border in cream
Continue working with the N/9.00mm hook.
R1:  Slip stitch to corner of blanket.  Working down the side of the blanket (end of the rows), chain 3 for beginning dc, work 2 dc in end of each stitch.  Chain 2 at corner and working down beginning chain row of blanket, dc 1 in each single stitch place and dc 2 in each chain space.  Here is a picture to help explain what I mean.
(You will have an alternating repeat of 1 dc, then 2 dc.)  Chain 2 at corner and work 2 dc in each end of stitch down side of blanket.  Chain 2 at corner and work 1 dc in first stitch, skip next st, then *2 dc in center of shell, 1 dc in next stitch, skip one stitch and work 2 dc in center of v, 1 dc in next stitch, skip one stitch, repeat from * until end of row.  2 dc in center of last shell stitch, then ch 2 at corner and slip stitch to beginning chain 3.

R2:  Chain 3, dc in each dc, working (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in each corner.  Slip stitch to beginning ch 3.

R3:  Beginning with a skip stitch, 1 sc, work a pattern of skip one stitch, 1 sc, skip one, 5 dc in next stitch around, making sure to work a 5 dc in ch 1 corners from previous row.  You may have to adjust the skip stitch and 1 sc close to the corners to make the corners work out properly.  Slip stitch to join scallop row and finish off.

Weave in all your ends and you are done!  Finished measurements are 49" by 55"
Here is a nice shot with a photo-bombing dog.
And some more pictures just because I can.
 Picture of the border.
 Up close of the texture.

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