Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Granny Square Purse

 Do you remember those granny squares I was making a while back?  My ultimate goal was to make a granny square purse.  Mission accomplished.
The view from one side.
 The view from the other side.
The inside.
The inside, but even closer.
Construction of this purse was pretty simple.  I sewed the granny squares together in a pattern of
R1) 3 across
R2) 3 across
R3) 7 across
R4) 3 across
R5) 3 across
Then the extra two on row 3 on each side were sewed to the ends of the other 3 across rows to create a bag.
This sounds so complicated.  It's really not.
Next I sewed a lining to the measurements of the sewn together squares, adding some pockets to the lining.  All pretty basic purse construction, nothing fancy.
I used an old belt for the handle.  I just cut it in half to create two handles.  Just make sure the belt you choose is long enough for that.
And that is pretty much it.  So how about just a couple of more pictures.

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