Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Wood Crafts and Some Other Randomness

Hey all, apparently I am in painting mode lately.  First up, remember that little wood shelf I painted the other day?  There was a part that the hubby removed from it that I thought could be turned into a cute little key shelf.
That, plus some white paint, plus some little white hooks, throw in a little sanding on the corners, and I ended up with this.

I think it turned out kinda cute.  On a side note, you know how the projects that should be super simple end up being the most complicated.  The hubby volunteered to put the hooks on for me.  I'm glad I took him up on that because it turned out to be a not so simple thing to do.  Oh, well.

Next up is my first attempt at chalk painting, furniture painting, and antiquing.  All in all, I guess it didn't turn out too bad.  (Sorry, I was too lazy to go get my camera and take a before picture.)

Next we have some assorted odds and ends.
Really love this little caddy thing.
The little caddy thing, all painted new and pretty.
 Really love how this turned out.
Wouldn't this be great on your desk to hold your pens, paper, rulers, etc?

The little shelf.
The little wood box.
 It had holes on the sides where I guess it originally had some handles.  I was going to make some rope handles but then I decided that these pip berries would make cute little handles.
I packed the tree away in the Christmas stuff box before I remembered to take a picture of it.  Maybe ya'll will get to see that later on.
These bowls I had painted earlier.  But I'll still show you a picture of them.
And here is a couple of little things that I fixed up.  The little candle holder was white a la rusty before.  The little scoop I just tied a little rag bow to and the cute little jar I filled with some mini spools of thread.
And while we are at it, a couple of pics of stuff I picked up while out at the thrift stores the other day.  (In addition to the wood pieces that I painted up there. ^)
 That great big K I have sanded down and repainted black.  It had glue or something all over it.
 Love these little pumpkins!  Got them decorated up with some pip berries and packed away for now.
All these cookie cutters in a bag for 75 cents!  Can you believe that bargain?  Usually I have a really tough time finding stuff in the thrift stores in my area so this was pretty exciting.
And that is it for tonight kids!  Goodnight, everybody.

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