Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bright Shells Scarf

I've got another easy scarf pattern that doesn't use a lot of yarn.  This was one of my favorite scarves to work up.  Once I got going, it was a stitch that I could work without thinking too much about it.  It made a nice somewhat dense texture that was still very soft.

Materials:  4 oz. worsted weight yarn.
My yarn that I used.
Is that not one groovy looking yarn label?

Hook:  H/8 5mm

Ch 32.
R1.  Sc in second ch from hook.  *Skip 2 chains, 5 dc in next chain.  Skip 2 chains, sc in next chain.*  Repeat between *'s to end of row.  Ch 5 and turn.

R2.  *Sc in 3'rd dc.  Ch 2, dc in sc, ch 2.*  Repeat between *'s to end of row.  Ch 1 and turn.

R3.  Sc in 1'st dc.  *5 dc in sc, sc in dc.*  Repeat between *'s to end of row, ending with sc in turning ch.  Ch 5 and turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until desired length ending with R2.

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