Thursday, September 18, 2014

More Furniture Makeovers

I found some more ugly furniture that I thought had great potential.  These little end tables just needed some paint.
I forgot to take any after pictures until I already had everything placed at the antique mall.  Because I'm smart like that.  I really like the way they look with the cream paint though.  All I did with these was a couple of good coats of spray paint.

Then there was these horribly ugly chairs.  They were super cheap so I thought it was a good time to practice my upholstery skills.

Pretty hideous, right?  They actually look better in the pictures than they did in real life.  Yikes!
Ahhh, much better.  Again, I just gave these a couple of good coats of spray paint.  My sweet hubby cut new seat bottoms for me.  I added new foam, batting, and fabric and ta-da. 
The fabric wasn't my first choice but someone had given it to me and for my practice run, I was trying to keep the cost down.  All in all, I guess they didn't turn out too bad.

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